Aluminium Mesh Pizza pans Half inch Deep 5″ to 20″


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Aluminium Mash Pizza pans Half inch Deep 1/2” the slightly 1/2”-inch tapered sides of the pan1.2mm thickness for example:  size from base 5” diameters  top 5 1/2” half  diameters   half inch different from base to top.  is a process which is only applied to aluminium pans. this hardens the surface of the aluminium and makes the underlying pan more durable. a natural result  of this process is the change in colour of the aluminium from silver to grey. available in base diameters of 6″ to 20” inch Aluminium mesh pizza pan  baking trays are designed to be used with both deck ovens and conveyor ovens. They are ideally designed to create a thin crust Italian style pizza.They baked crisp base pizza. Aluminum mesh pizza pan  will not rust but like all aluminium products should not be washed with high alkaline detergents.  

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Half Deep 5", Half Deep 6", Half Deep 7", Half Deep 8", Half Deep 9", Half Deep 10", Half Deep 11", Half Deep 12", Half Deep 13", Half Deep 14", Half Deep 15", Half Deep 16", Half Deep 17", Half Deep 18", Half Deep 20"


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