Heavy Duty Pizza Oven Brush Wood Handle 30″ Inch Brass Bristles & Steel Scraper


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This Heavy-Duty Pizza Oven Brush & Scraper Durable And Lightweight Pizza Oven Brush Is Filled With Sturdy But Gentle Crimped Brass Bristles. This Brush Is Used To “Scrub” The Oven Of Carbon Deposits, Rust, And The Build-Up Of Food That Is Baked On. A Full-Length Scraper Blade For The Tough-To-Tackle Residue And Grime Is Included. A 30” inch Long, Thick Wooden Handle Is Attached To The Brush Block. Pob-B Pizza Oven Replacement Brush. To Replace The Brush, The Scraper And Handle Can Be Easily Removed From The Brush With A Screwdriver. The Block Has Pre-Drilled Holes For Easy Replacement.

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