Ribbon Cassette INK Black Compatible Star SP200 MP200 Star SP500 Printer


2 in 1 Money Tester Detector Marker & UV Blue light
Check New Polymer Bank Notes with UV Light Show £5 and £10 Golden Highlight
New Note coming soon
(Pound Euro & Dollar)

• Simply mark the note with a line or a cross and view the results to check if it’s a counterfeit. A dark or black mark indicates a forgery, and a yellow or clear mark indicates genuine – simple!

• Using the note checker pens in front of customers also increases the visible deterrent against people who think they can spend forgeries in your business. Note checker pens are an inexpensive but highly effective solution.

• Compatible with the vast majority of world currencies (inc US Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling etc)

• Ideal for any cash-handling environment as pens are quick and easy to use

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Compatible Star SP200- MP200 Star SP500 Printer Ribbon Cassette INK Black

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